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Wack Clubbers focus on one thing: shipping.

After building a project, like an app or website, “shipping” is publishing & sharing it online.

Your first ship your first day.

Students in many traditional computer science classes are lucky to make a single project. At Wack Clubs, every member makes & ships their first website their very first meeting.

Keeping your eyes on the prize.

Instead of learning programming concepts in isolation, learning by shipping means you focus on what you need to build real projects. It’s more fun & leads to better learning.

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forgot to post this weekend but began working on a pacman-like game called "pacbot". I'm using emojis cuz I'm too lazy to draw proper characters. hoping to ship this soon #100-days #100-orpheus


:forsyth-hacks-label: forsyth hacks (#forsyth-hacks) happened on November 18th, 2023 and was an overall success! at a point we had around 60 attendees and overall had an amazing time with our theme ⚡ (electricity) as well as workshops ranging from @ajs2’s jams to a mini UI design competition. and finally, the hours of food, coding, new friends, and projects (everything from a storm tracker app to a platformer game made w flow!) personal highlights of the event for me was probably the conversations i had with new people :heart_hands: the whole day, the chance to mentor a group into creating their entire project - from not having an idea, to developing and shipping it 🚢, lightning talks during lunch (like the one about jamstack by @davidm) 🎤, presenting an APIs workshop :postman:, the amazing swag we were able to handout (including string bags, polaroids :tw_camera_with_flash:, & stickers), and of course the presentations at the end! i want to give a huge thank you and shoutout to the following: • @ChristianDutton-U04E0LL16MA right hand man all the way and helped make my website design a lovely reality. (can't wait for 3.0) • @RyanDu-U04QM0MH6TV for the fresh new perspective and ideas for the event & an awesome workshop on how to not make crappy UI design (as well as the mini:figma:competition afterward) • dj! for the most amazing design and logo for the event :forsyth-hacks-2-bulb:. (or "sick sticker" as sam poder himself deemed worthy) • everyone who attended! we had over triple the amount of projects than last year and over 80 registered by the day of! • and ofc everyone at wack club :wackclub-party: who cheered me on all the way (and :bank-wackclub-dark: ofc hcb grant- this event would not have been possible without this :money-printer:, and from the bottom of my heart i am very grateful :blobheart: ). ◦ i had an amazing conversation with @theamazing0 in the middle of the day about how special wack club was to me and how he's in the process of discovering this love for the community as i did a year ago. ▪︎ this spread of love would not be possible if not for the support of more hackathons and more clubs around the world! 📷 full photo album: :githubparrot: hackathon website source code:


i spent this weekend at impact hack atlanta (, my first college hackathon AND my first in-person hackathon! i had so much fun meeting new people at tech and building solutions that intersected tech, policy, and sustainability. i created Partix, a particle visualization tool that uses the OpenWeatherMap API to display live data of particle pollution. build information (including a demo video) is available at, and a live demo is here: <|> :)) it's mobile and desktop responsive (mobile is a little iffy -- slacked on that bc of the 36 hr time limit), but i learned sooo much about js building this and overall am really proud of the project. 🌿 UPDATE: i won two categories :)) best submission on the "healthy planet + people" track and best submission award from Southface, an atlanta climate action npo :D


made a bit of progress experimenting on an idea (Yaps - You And People Ship)


I made a flatpak for CHIRP, the software for programming radios!


whats up my hack homies its time to hit you with sheepy ship #GMM0VHBBM|, my 3rd code project ever and my ship from #harvest! I would say more but i think in this case, the less said the better. check it out, and have your life changed.


I made @upsanddowns to act as Jia for #up-vs-down - assigns new members a team, makes sure people count correctly, and resets the game at 100 or -100. this was my first time making a slack bot - slack bots are fun! on github at mrhappyma/slack-ups-and-downs, or go count in #up-vs-down to see it in action!


After some keyboard smashing :cat_typing:, the #trillium-hacks website (1st iteration) had departed from the port 🚢! Check it out over at!


🎏 I drew the flag for #flag-referendum! Featuring: pirate Orpheus, doing a salute pose, pointing ahead. I thought about doing it when @KaraMassie asked me whether I was entering or not. I thought about it, then went to the #flag-referendum channel to look around. There, I saw @KrishnaBansal-U03CBNJUWJG’s pirate Orph and immediately got inspired. What if Orph was wearing a pirate hat?? 🏴‍☠️ It was a fantastic idea. Scrolling further up, I saw @LiterallyEverything-U04LNE9HEFK’s saluting Orph - the pose added so much personality to the character. (And, one of my personal design/art principles: ✨ personality ✨ - not always in the literal "character trait" sense, but something that brings life into the art.) Scrolling further up, I saw @JamesXiao-U04EQJ4RRHA's logo - which is genuinely just a well designed logo. It fits both the tech and boat vibes - so why not replace the traditional pirate skull on the pirate hat with it? I've honestly just taken in a lot of inspiration from everyone who has submitted a flag, even if it's not as obvious as the ones I've listed above. As @cwalker says, it was truely a community effort and couldn't have been made without the rest of y'all. So thank you all!! I hope you enjoy the flag as much as I had fun drawing it :yay:


mmm, there's #100-days left of 2023 - what better way to kick things off than a revamp of my life? 💜 introducing, the latest edition of my portfolio which I started last year. featuring the comeback of my ✨ projects ✨ showcase, as well as a brand new purple theme + profile picture rotation based on my Slack profile pic over at! :slack: additionally, non-hacky stuff: I opened up (sourced?) my two spotify playlists @ my profile (psst listen to the alternate version its honestly better) and my React workshop @ buildingbloCS! go check them out, and feel free to reuse the workshop materials :roo-love: finally, i'm really excited to tell yall that my abstract on single-cell embeddings and spacial distributions (quite a mouthful tbh) has been selected for both a poster and oral presentation @ GIW ISCB-Asia 2023 :partyparrot: ~now comes the part where I go on an indefinite hiatus to work on my final paper, presentation, and poster + school summatives~


🇨🇦 Hack The North 2023! @ImDeet-U045B4BQ2T0, @fayd and I teamed up to make :goose-dance: Hack The Geese :goose-honk-left:! It was a game that attendees could play using the QR codes on their badges. Here’s how’d it work: 1. You’d scan your badge’s QR code to log in. 2. Your find someone who you’d like to compete against and scan their badge’s QR code. 3. You’d both receive a prompt, eg. “take a selfie with a someone with blue hair”. 4. You’d race to take a fun picture based on the prompt before the other player does. 5. You either win or lose, then you got to choose wether or not to rematch! You can go to to see all the photos that folks took during demos with the game (and many more of me stressing over the backend)! We used a slightly cursed combination of a Next.js frontend and a backend written in Go which interacted with one another through Websockets…. yeah, very cursed and very jank. We also used Vercel’s new Postgres & Blob storage services which were surprisingly good. And, of course, we used Prisma…. including it’s slightly hacky spin-off Go client. Another awesome part of the game was @ImDeet-U045B4BQ2T0’s custom designed geese (GEESE!): :htn-goose-1: :htn-goose-2: :htn-goose-3: :htn-goose-4: :htn-goose-5: :htn-goose-6: :htn-goose-7: :htn-goose-8: :htn-goose-9: :htn-goose-10: Every player got one of these made for them when they first signed! The game was a bunch of fun to play IRL and we had people playing it throughout the demo session. Attached is a sick selfie of @fayd in his sunnies and the judge! And at the end of the day, somehow, we were selected as winners so we got to demo on stage and won a couple of prizes which was pretty cool! Here’s us playing a game with all the attendees and a couple of other photos from the weekend (including us working on the project while on #hack-night!). The GitHub is full of more photos and stories from the weekend: O CANADA!


:shipitparrot: :oblong: OBLONG SHIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP :oblong: :shipitparrot: The admin dashboard for, a free subdomain service (i.e., has been completed and users are being onboarded! You can claim your domain today! It has a fully-featured DNS management panel, with more features like email forwards and PURLs coming soon!! Go to and join the waitlist! All the code for the admin panel and is fully AGPL open source at This is really meaningful for me to finally see this be shippable, and me and @m04 have been working on this for some time now. (p.s don't tell anyone but just go to and sign up :P)


Woohoo! After some long-time procrastination, the #ship time has finally arrived! 🚢 Back in 2021, when I joined Wack Club :hack-club:, I had an idea—to create a website featuring the contents of my old iPod. However, that initial attempt didn't quite work out because I lost access to the files. But, guess what? Years later, I successfully managed to recover those old files, safely stored on an ancient hard drive, and now I'm giving it another shot! But this time, instead of making a simple static site, I used Vite.js :vite: to build! Give it a ⭐ on :github: if you like it! :salute:


Mini ship! (somehow this is my first ship, i’ve been here for months and haven’t shipped, wow) I’ve always been interested in ambient information, and here are two little projects based on that! The first one is a weather display. It’s powered by this guide code, but I made a few changes to make it my own. The other is just a big clock. Again, it’s based on a guide, but I added the date to the bottom (because in my house we get very confused about the date sometimes lol).


Wahoo! Today I learned how to use :vite: and I moved my project to use it! It was very fun to implement ES modules and to find janky :jankman: ways to add P5.js to it. :peefest: You can check the result site at like last time and star it ⭐ on GitHub if you want :) I still need to find a way to properly add meta tags so my index.html isn't very big but anyways this was nice to hack on.


Wahoo! Today i finished coding my sprig web template and deploying my fungi frog maze 🐸 with it! This was very fun to work on, and to test this, I also uploaded @Ishan’s kindless game! (With credit) 🦆 You can play both on itch :itch-io: and check the code for mine on GitHub. :github: :quad_parrot:


AngelHacks Toronto just finished, success! More info in #ship soon!!


W moment


I made a cover of the song Trash Talkin’, which is probably my favorite music project I’ve ever done 😋 It was my first time editing in Logic and my most complicated video edit, as well as my first time using After Effects! I wish I had more time with it, but I am really proud with how it turned out!


Wahoo! During this days I made a new repo for my GitHub :github: readme and deployed a website with it using Jekyll! You can find the repo at my main profile: :ultrafastparrot:


New #ship coming into port!


It's been a loooog time since I saw :dino-dance:, so I decided to make a ship based on it! 🚢 I made, a website inspired and based on @msw project, with some new features like a 📀 eject page! Go star it ⭐ on :github: and check it at: :dino:


What if your club could collaborate with other clubs? What if you could connect with another club for a mini-hackathon or even make new friends while traveling and discovering a Wack Club in another city? The Club Directory unlocks the power of cross-club collaboration, allowing clubs to transcend boundaries and create together. If this interests you, join #clubs-directory @Arpan had this vision and shared it with me, and we decided to make it a reality. We've been working on the tool for about a week (maybe two). I'll catch you up on what we've done in the following screenshots: Screenshot 1: Arpan and I collaborated on a call to create the general user flow for the Club Directory. Screenshot 2: Arpan and I split ways, and he began focusing on the backend while I focused on the frontend. See the UI prototype I created attached. Screenshot 3: We realized we were a bit out of scope, so we narrowed the scope for our MVP so we can ship ASAP and work more closely with the community. Screenshot 4: I'm coding the frontend MVP in NextJS while Arpan builds the backend in FastAPI. p.s. currently I am working on multiselect & making that experience awesome &amp; next I'll focus on responsiveness &amp; map view also privacy is a big concern and we're currently trying to work through how we can allow clubs to opt-in (or maybe opt-out) of the Club Directory) all data shared here is fake club data, dw we're not revealing real data in this post the old internal name was Club Network and the new name is Club Directory


*It’s a quiet night... the weather forecast says:* 🌌 Starry-sprinkled night skies with a chance of shooting stars and Lo-fi beats. You say to yourself, wait, that can’t be possible, right? Definitely possible! I present y'all my new ship: 🚢 :quad_parrot: Night skies is a small p5.js :js: website that includes a starry night sky and random shooting stars and some lo-fi beats! 🎵 Please give it a ⭐ on :github: if you like it! This was very fun to work on, and helped me to learn more about p5js.

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