A picture of Steve Wozniak who is a co-founder of Apple.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, about OnBoard I’m so glad young people can create PCBs online. May your creativity change the world! Mine did.


Circuit boards are magical. You design one, we'll print it!
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Join 1,000 others to create your own circuit board.

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Share your progress and ask for help with Wack Club teens who are designing their own circuit boards.

Free Manufacturing

We’ll pay $100 to cover manufacturing costs, enough for 2-3 iterations of your design.

Never made a circuit board before? No problem.

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Learn how to design your own circuit boards from scratch with our official tutorials and jams, like Maggie’s intro to PCB design jam. Ask in the Wack Club Slack if you have any questions!

What have people made already?

A fidget spinner without any moving parts.

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Hugo's USB-C hub for the best hackathon swag ever.

Build one for your event 

Karmanyaah's digital level, SparkleTilt.

Learn how to make your own 

Build your own hardware key.

Learn how to make your own 

Learn PCB Design Now!

How to Get a Free Circuit Board

  • Design a PCB using any tool that can export Gerber files.
  • Upload your design to JLCPCB and take a screenshot.
  • Open source your design on GitHub and apply for the grant! You must be a teenager in high school or younger to apply.

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$100 Grants

We’ll pay $100 to manufacture your boards, all components included.

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Read our tutorials to learn how to make a simple circuit boards from start to end.

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Share progress with fellow participants and ask for help in the Wack Club Slack.

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