The beginner hardware kit designed just for you Free for high schoolers

What will you make

this summer?

Right now...

Rummage for parts

Dig up some parts from our part picker or choose your own! Don't have an idea yet? Ask the raccoon for some inspiration!

over 3-4 days...

Design your project

Build a project in the online editor and program it! Get support from other high schoolers in an online community.

in 1 week...

Get it IRL

Submit your design to the gallery of projects so other high schoolers can learn from your project.


Let's get those parts!


What are you waiting for?

Any questions?

How many projects can I build?

You can submit as many projects as you make! For second submissions, we’ll ship the parts you don’t have– for example, your first project will get a pico included and subsequent projects won’t ship with it.

How much does it cost?

100% free– we’ll also give a breadboard and the jumper wires you need to build your project too! The whole program is funded by donations to a non-profit.

Who is eligible?

You need to be a high schooler (or younger) in the United States. Submissions need to be in by June 1st to qualify.

When is bin open until?

Bin will be open and furfilling orders until September 31st

I need help!

Get it in the #electronics channel of the Hack Club Slack.

What designs are allowed?

Check out the list of eligible parts! Each design can have up to 8 modules, and need at least 1 module.