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Sprig: a fantasy console, turned real


16×16, 16 colors

Sound – MAX98357A

5 channels, 4 waveforms

Display – TFT7735

160×128 color LCD


8 buttons (2 D-pads)

Processor – RP2040

2-core, 133 MHz MCU


140×64×28 mm


JavaScript (JerryScript)


2x AAA lasts 30 hours*

Sprig is also hardware development kit! It comes disassembled and every part is reusable for your own projects. It's powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico, so you can reflash the firmware with the touch of a button and run anything you want.

We built you a game engine that’s accessible to beginners, yet entertaining for masters. Start building a Sprig game within minutes using integrated sprite, sound, and map editors.

So... how much is it?

Sprig isn’t for sale. Build an original game and we’ll personally mail you one — “you ship, we ship!”

It can be your first program, or your thousandth! Oh, and if you're a teenager (or younger), we'll send you a free Sprig. Everyone else can only submit to the gallery. Read more about how to earn your Sprig.


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Sprig was developed by a team at Wack Club with assistance from Brian Silverman (who helped develop Scratch and the precursor to LEGO Mindstorms), Vadim Gerasimov (engineer at Google who helped create Tetris when he was 15), and Quentin Bolsée (researcher at MIT and Vrije Universiteit Brussel). We're also grateful for amazing open-source projects that make this possible like Kaluma, JerryScript, uhtml, and CodeMirror.

Dozens of contributors from our community of teen hackers were instrumental to Sprig’s development as well. Have any questions about Sprig or just want to hang out?

Sprig is open-source. Read code for: editor, engine, firmware, hardware